Monday, February 29, 2016



Hello everyone!

How's it going? So this week in red bluff, we went up to super sketchy
sky ranch to see some people (last week we got lost and it was freaky)
Unfortunately no one was home but it was up in the mountains so it was
super pretty! Also this week when we were going to bed my companion
had a really bad feeling and said we should leave so we grabbed some
stuff and left and spent the the night at a members. That was fun!
They have two cats! We went back to our apartment the next morning and
nothing had happened so I don't know why we needed to leave but we
did... So we are alive! Everything has been fine sense. So ya this
week was fun! On the up side we should be having a baptism soon! So
yup! Love you all!!

-Sister Lloyd

Email from the Mission President

Jess here. This week we were blessed to get an email from Heidi's mission president.

Dear Missionaries and Family,

A quick note to tell everyone what blessing it was for Sister Marston and I to attend this district meeting with Elder Adams as district meeting.
All in attendance contributed is a great way.
It is such a blessing to work with diligent, happy, and faithful missionaries.
Each one of these missionaries has seen many miracles as they have served.

Thank you for your sons and daughters.

We love you and pray for you.

Best regards,

President Michael F. Marston

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Email Broke

Ok so I really do promise that I emailed last week!!! On Thursday I
got an email that said no emails were even sent! I was super upset. So
I am sorry!

I have been transferred! I am now in RedBluff. It is a little cowboy
town. It's great! I was really sad to say goodbye to everyone in
Gridley. My new companion's name is Sister Biernesser. She is really

So I don't really know what to say, I still trying to get used to
everything. I love you all and miss you!!!

-Sis. Lloyd

Monday, February 8, 2016


How is everyone? What's going on out in the real world? This week has been a really odd one. The sisters that lived with us moved out. And the people who moved them left the door to our house open and we live on a scary street. Luckily no one was in our house and nothing was taken, I was super worried though. Then a few days later the other sisters showed up to our house in the middle of the night because the carbon monoxide alarm went off in their house super late. So that was fun. Then we had a zone blitz. And that was weird and fun. So ya that was my week. I love you all!

Sister Lloyd 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sorry for the delay

Jess here. Sorry for the delay in posting, my email server was down for a couple days. 

Here's the latest from our favorite missionary:

This week was good but super slow. We did some service though. We went and picked oranges. That was fun. Made me think of Grandma and Grandpa in AZ. We are trying to find people to teach because we don't have very many.

I love you all!

Sister Lloyd