Monday, January 11, 2016

Little Miracles

Hey everyone,

This week our investigator Kyle was baptized! It was super awesome. Also, me and sister Carlisle had to give talks in YSA. Super nerve racking. Half way through my talk I started crying and I couldn't read what I had written so I kinda just made the rest of it up haha.

Also, this week  we didn't have anyone signed up for dinner on Saturday so we went to Black Bear Diner. I was kinda having a bad day because I don't feel like an adequate missionary. I don't really know what I'm doing and because of that, I don't feel like I am a very good missionary. Anyways as we were going up to pay for our meal the waitress came up to us and said that someone had already paid for us. I was shocked and as we walked out to the car I started crying. I was so grateful that someone would do that for me. I was grateful that God had sent someone to help me know that I was loved and cared about. The people probably had no idea what was going on or that I was having a hard time but God did. And I was so great full for that.

 I miss you all so much and love you!!! Please email me! I want to hear from you!!

Sister Lloyd

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