Monday, November 7, 2016

Mission Birthday

Hello everyone! Guess what Friday is?!? It's my mission birthday! Year mark! Yay! 
So, Tuesday was transfers, and my new companion's name is Sister Johnson. It's funny because we didn't spend a full day together until Friday.  Tuesday she didn't get here until 6. Wednesday I was at the mission office until 4:30 setting up iPads. Thursday she had a leadership meeting until 5. So it has been a crazy week. 
Okay so the youth here in this area, are amazing. As a zone we are teaching a lot of high schoolers. It's really cool it all started when one missionary left and it has just dominoed from there. 
We just picked up a new investigator named PJ. He is a high school student. And is super interested in learning about god. I can't wait to see where it goes. You are never too young to do missionary work!

We are also a four sister mission apartment now, so that's fun. Here's some pictures:

-Sis. Lloyd

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