Monday, November 16, 2015

Sister Lloyd's first email from the MTC

Heidi's first email from the MTC has arrived! It wasn't very long, she has been pretty busy.
Sister Lloyd's very first ever MTC companion is a Polynesian sister named Sister Vaitohe (vi-toe-he).

Here is a summary of her email:

The MTC is ok, the food here isn't as good as Mom's though. Oh and we can't high five. Only handshakes are allowed! Which kinda bugs, but oh well. I'm learning a lot here, but honestly I can't wait to be in the field, which reminds me, I am leaving the MTC on the 24th of November. 
I love you guys so so much and miss all of you.
-Sister Lloyd

She said that she is not going to email everyone on her list until she is out in the field, so if you didn't receive an email this week, don't feel bad. 

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