Monday, June 20, 2016

An.... interesting.... week

Hello everyone,

This week we had zone meeting it was pretty great. We talked a lot about the spirit and inviting people to be baptized.

Also this week I got peed on, by a little girl. We were teaching a lesson and she came over and sat on my lap and wanted to watch a show so I turned on a bible video for her. When it was over she got up and my lap was all wet! Oh man it was so gross, but I couldn't make a scene because we weren't done with our lesson yet so I had to just sit there. After I went home and showered. It was awful.

Also this week we were doing service for a member who has an orchard so we got to ride four wheelers! That was fun! We are going back to help him some more soon.

We have started meeting with a less active family, the wife got really offended years ago and haven't been back since but they want us to come over twice a week and do scripture studys with them so hopefully we will be able to help get them back to church. Their son goes to church still and just graduated high school. He plans on going on a mission soon so hopefully he can help too.
Anyways that's about it. Love you all! Have a good week!!

- Sis. Lloyd
We did facials with the members we are staying with. They have adopted us as their daughters haha.

me and one of the elders were fencing and I destroyed him

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