Monday, June 27, 2016


Hello everyone!

So guess what! I'm being transferred!!! I'm going to be in Citrus Heights. So the complete opposite side of the mission. Crazy. I'm going to be in another trio.(so my 3rd if you count the week that we were with Sister Seely) So this should be interesting. More than half the mission moved because we have a lot of missionaries coming in next transfer and the mission President needed to have people in places to train. So this week I have been saying goodbye to a lot of people.

Also the family that we have been working with came to church on Sunday! (I asked them to be there since it was my last Sunday, and they love me so they came.) They are so awesome and I am going to miss them so much. Sister Saxey will take good care of them though.

Umm I'm not sure what else to say.... It's been really hot lately. 103 today.

Anyways have a good week! Love you all and miss you.

-Sis. Lloyd

Sister Lloyd's district

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