Monday, August 1, 2016

Crazy Week

So this week has been interesting. On Wednesday a member took us to lunch and we were sitting outside eating. Out in the street there was a car that had stalled, and it wasn't starting (there are 3 lanes of traffic and he so in the lane furthest from us) we called to him because a couple minutes had passed and he was still stuck. We asked if he would like us to help him. He said yes so we ran out into the street, and it took until then for some men to run out ( the couldn't have girls show them up haha) we pushed his car to a gas station not very far away. He thanked us and we left. We walked back to the restaurant to find our member laughing her head off. And some people inside the restaurant laughing and giving us thumbs up. I guess it was quite comical to see three sister missionaries run out in the street so fast.

Also this week we had a lesson scheduled with one of our investigators. We went to meet him at a sandwich shop (that's the only place he can meet) and there were lots of guys there. Most of them were JWs so it was a super interesting lesson. We were teaching our lesson and more and more people would pull up a chair and we ended up teaching like 6 different lessons.  One guy we got a return appointment with, one guys was flirting hard core with one of my companions, and another guy was trying to bible bash, but all in all it was a pretty good day.

We went to the return appointment with the guy we met at the sandwich shop. We met at Starbucks, and by an odd turn of events a pastor from another church showed up and sat an listened to us as well. We ended up splitting the lesson and my companions taught our new investigator and I talked/ taught the pastor. He had a lot of questions about the atonement and our beliefs on heaven. So that was fun. At the end of the lesson we found out that an elder from the JW church wants to meet with us... Not sure what we are going to do, we don't want to bible bash but at the same time if he has questions who are we to deny him
the answers.

On Friday we decided to do a zone car fast, so we were biking. We were on the way to the church to meet the zone leaders, and on the way I suddenly got really weak and my vision started to get blurry. I got off my bike and sat down because I didn't want to pass out on my bike. The elders showed up luckily in there car, and they rode our bikes to the church, and we took the car. Turns out I got heat exhaustion. So that was fun... We got to use our car for the rest of the day.

So all in all, this week has been weird, crazy, but good! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your day!

Jesus Loves You!

-Sis. Lloyd

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