Monday, August 22, 2016

Update and Photos

Hello everyone!

This week was fun. Last Monday we went to a museum, which was pretty cool!  
Tuesday we did some service at a place called the salt mine. It's run by another church and the guy who runs it likes to talk about our religion and ask questions. He isn't interested really, he said he wants to know whether he is against us or not. Haha I don't really now what that means but whatever. 
Wednesday we had some good member present lessons. 
Thursday we had a pretty good day, lots of lessons we had service that morning at the salt mine. 
Friday we had a car fast, so we walked everywhere,that night we had dinner with a wonderful member. She is a single mom with too little girls. Super amazing. 
Saturday we ran into some people we had found a lost dog. The had forgotten their phones so we helped and called the number on the tag. Turns out it was a member! And it was a good thing we called when we did because the were just about to leave for Lake Tahoe. 
Sunday was good, we had stake conference. And afterwords we were visiting people, and we saw a dinosaur. So all in all this week was a pretty good one! 

I hope you are all doing well!

-Sis. Lloyd

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